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Keeping What Is Yours In Your Divorce

Going through a divorce means you will eventually have to address the issue of splitting marital property. While Michigan courts attempt to split these assets, retirement accounts, real estate, vehicles and other applicable properties in a fair manner, it may not mean that you will keep the particular assets you are hoping to.

At Kuiper Kraemer PC, we can help you develop a personalized strategy to keep your asset division process civil while minimizing the time and energy it takes to defend your best interests throughout your family law needs.

Protect What Is Yours

Not all of the assets you have will be on the chopping block in your divorce. The assets you had before marriage that are not also in your spouse’s name, including real estate, vehicles, and retirement accounts, are individual assets. The assets you acquired during your marriage are known as “marital assets” and are subject to the division process, with some exceptions. Common forms of marital assets that are excused from this division include inheritances and gifts that a spouse receives while married.

Finding All Relevant Assets

In some divorces, a spouse may attempt to hide their assets in certain accounts or by making large purchases of vehicles or other items and physically hiding them during the divorce. We know how to track down these hidden assets, thanks to our extensive experience in these cases and our making use of forensic accounting to track down the finances you deserve a share of. If you believe your divorce may not be accounting for everything, we can make certain of it.

We Are Here For You

Whether your property division needs to be resolved through negotiation or litigation, we can act as your advocate through it all to give you the resources you deserve in your divorce. Call our office in Grand Rapids at 616-537-1016 or email us here and schedule your initial consultation today.