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Protecting Your Inheritance Through Wills And Trusts

Now is always the best time to plan for the future. There is no telling when a sudden injury or illness should strike, and it pays to be ready for any situation. You can prepare for anything by establishing a will and trusts, but you may need help to do so.

At Kuiper Kraemer PC, we offer our clients the guidance they need to establish wills and trusts they can count on to protect their last wishes. We take the time to understand the unique needs of each client and develop an estate plan that is tailored to those needs. We know how to develop wills and trusts that avoid possible contention.

The Benefits Of Proper Estate Planning

Creating a reliable estate plan can save money and stress for your loved ones. Instead of leaving everything to your loved ones in a will, creating the right trust can mean avoiding thousands of dollars in inheritance taxes. Properly developing a will can eliminate any chances of contestation and allow your loved ones to receive their inheritance sooner.

Creating a will can also keep your loved ones from fighting over your estate and causing irreparable damage to lifelong relationships in the process. Losing a loved one will already be difficult enough for your loved ones; you have the opportunity to make it easier on them with thorough estate planning today. That is why we also encourage executing Advance Directives and Power of Attorney documents which our team can also assist with. 

Begin Preparing For Tomorrow, Today

We may not always be able to control when we need an estate plan, but we can control how our estate plan resolves questions about our property and care. If you need to begin creating your estate plan or have not updated yours in some time, we can help. Contact our Grand Rapids office by calling us at 616-537-1016 or email us here. Schedule your initial consultation today to take the first step in preparing for your tomorrow.