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Car Accident Lawyers In Grand Rapids

We Fight Vigorously For Your Rights

Our Grand Rapids automobile accident lawyers understand just how easily and quickly lives can change after a serious motor vehicle accident. Mounting medical bills, unpaid time off from work and other costs quickly add up and begin to snowball. What seemed like a simple rear-end collision can become a significant problem. More serious accidents may result in excessive medical debts, and cause lifestyle changes of such magnitude that they can destroy the foundation of a family.

Because of the serious consequences of motor vehicle accidents, a law firm experienced in these matters is crucial in order to preserve your rights. Kuiper Kraemer PC has a proven track record of success in handling automobile accident cases, fighting for what injured victims deserve — compensation for medical bills, for pain and suffering, and for lost work.

Common Types And Causes Of Car Accidents

There are many types of accidents involving vehicles. The accident may involve two cars (for example head-on, read-end or side collision), or the accident may only involve a single vehicle (for example losing control on the road, rollovers, or collisions with animals / objects). These accidents can be caused by such faults as:

  • Excessive speed
  • Damage to roads, traffic lights or other elements
  • Recklessness
  • Failing to obey the rules of the road (for example ignoring a stop sign)
  • Distracted driving (for example texting or reaching for something while driving)
  • Impairment of a driver due to drugs or alcohol, illness, or other factors
  • Vehicle malfunction

Common Injuries Sustained In Car Accidents

In our years of practicing personal injury law, we have seen the effect that automobile accidents can have on a person or family. Some injuries are minor, some go undetected for a period of time, and some are extremely serious right from the start. Some of the most common we see include:

  • Damage to the brain
  • Eye or vision injuries
  • Ear or hearing injuries
  • Jaw or dental damage
  • Whiplash injuries, paralysis, and crushed larynx or trachea
  • Chest injuries (broken ribs; rupture of the diaphragm)
  • Damage to the pelvis
  • Damage to internal organs of the abdomen
  • Leg, knee or foot injuries

Some of the above injuries can lead to disability, lost wages, rehabilitation, emotional trauma, and of course property damage (in the form of your car or truck). It’s critical to seek a law firm who will fight for you and get you maximum compensation, because these types of injuries can be costly to victims and their families.


Automobile accident lawsuits generally state negligence as a “cause of action” (which is the legal basis for which a lawsuit is filed). Negligence could mean a person acting in a manner that a responsible person would not, or failing to take an action that a responsible person would take.

Examples of negligence in a traffic case would be changing lanes without looking or neglecting to stop at a stop sign. Cases can also involve reckless driving, in which a driver knowingly endangers the life of another.

Don’t Trust Your Insurance Company

After an accident, your insurance company will likely investigate the accident and offer you a settlement quickly. Don’t take it. Your insurance company is likely not operating in your best interest. They will try to settle for the least amount possible and in the shortest time possible. Their goal is to try to avoid future medical expenses or other expenses that are likely to develop. By taking the settlement you may be signing off on your rights to be compensated for these expenses.

We do not recommend making any statements to your insurance company until you’ve spoken with a lawyer. If you do, you could jeopardize or limit your ability to recover damages. Or, worse yet, you could kill your entire case.

Kuiper Kraemer PC Can Help

We believe that no person should suffer at the hands of another driver due to negligence or mistake. First and foremost, we want to see to it that you and your family are protected by receiving the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers have aggressively and successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases. Most are settled with much more favorable terms than the insurance company first offered. Some go all the way to trial. In either case, we’re here for you. We’ll fight for you. Contact our Grand Rapids car accident attorneys today to schedule a free consultation: 616-537-1016.