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Who Let The Dogs Out?

It is sometimes said that dogs are a “man’s best friend”. Dogs are loyal, compassionate, and provide unconditional love. And puppies are, well, puppies. It all seems great on paper. But even the most well-trained dogs can be unpredictable. Unsuspecting people –...

Michigan Riparian Rights

Summers in Michigan are tough to beat.  Many Michiganders escape to a lake house for the opportunity to sit on the beach, wade in the water, and fish off the dock.  But not all properties close to the lake are created equal.  The Osceola County Circuit Court made this...

Kuiper Kraemer Expands Into Florida!

Kuiper Kraemer is pleased to announce its expansion into Florida with the opening of its Florida office at 19700 Cochran Blvd in Port Charlotte.  The new office is part of Kuiper Kraemer’s growth strategy which developed in response to clients increasingly...

Child Support Modification in the Age of COVID-19

Given the economic impacts of COVID-19 and the increased likelihood of changes in employment, child support modification has become a prevalent topic among parents. One of the more frequent questions is whether child support can be retroactively modified due to an...

Why are fathers’ rights important?

Now more than ever, fathers' rights are a crucial aspect of marital relations and family dynamics. Society continues to change and progress. Through that, more people acknowledge the importance of having two active parents in a relationship. Unfortunately, courts...