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Why society benefits when dads become more engaged parents

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Child Custody and Parenting Time, Paternity

When it comes to raising a family, women take on most of the responsibilities even when they work outside of the home. The few exceptions involve instances where fathers work from home or opt to become stay-at-home dads. In fact, more fathers have decided to take on this role. Even many of those who work as breadwinners for the family now choose a more hands-on approach to parenting.

CNN Health reports that fathers spend more time with children than they ever have before. Even so, inequalities remain, and mothers still overwhelmingly make career sacrifices to take care of the children.

Engaged fathers are better fathers

Even though mothers still carry most of the weight in childcare, this new step forward for men can create much better opportunities for women in the years ahead. CNN believes that engaging fathers more should begin with the prenatal period as it helps to set fathers on a positive path. In fact, studies show that most fathers who played crucial roles at this time go on to become good fathers by any standard.

What organizations and families can do to improve this

Currently, many health care procedures and facilities exclude men from the process. This includes visits to the obstetrician. Changing how these visits take place might have a positive impact on parenting styles going forward. Childbirth courses also teach men how to play supportive roles in the delivery room and after the baby is born.

The effects of criticism on paternal engagement

ABC News reports that fathers feel people judge them harshly for how they choose to raise their children. While 52% reported getting negative feedback, 90% believed they were great parents. Regular criticism from spouses tends to disengage men most of all from the parenting process. However, some might argue that without feedback, men cannot improve. This makes it important for them to accept feedback when constructive and then move forward with a positive mindset.