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How do you establish paternity?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Paternity

Michigan fathers may want to establish paternity for many different reasons. Today we will look at some of those reasons. We will also look at how to establish paternity. There are several different ways to go about it. Which one you choose depends on your life circumstances.

VeryWell Family talks about establishing paternity. Fathers have the option to voluntarily establish paternity. In doing this, you accept the financial responsibility for the child. You also have a legal say in important matters when raising said child. This also guarantees your rights in case you and your spouse ever get divorced. You must pay child support but you will also have parenting time or custody rights.

There are two ways to show voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. If you were not able to be present when your child was born, this is okay. You can fill out an affidavit of paternity any time before your child is 18 years old. You do not even need to finish it by the time the hospital issues the child’s birth certificate. You can apply to have it altered at a later date. This is sometimes a hassle though, so it is best to get the affidavit done as soon as possible.

The second way is to be present during the child’s birth. There, you sign a Declaration of Paternity or an Acknowledgment of Paternity. If you want your name put on your child’s birth certificate, you must sign this form.

Establishing paternity allows you to have legal rights to parent your child. This is why many fathers make this decision. You may want to consider it as well.