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What happens when a summer outing leads to a dog bite attack?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Personal Injury

People head outdoors in huge numbers across West Michigan during the warmer season. On any given day, there are thousands of people taking trips to the beach either at local waterways, like the river access available at Millennium Park, or at one of the big lakes, such as visiting Grand Haven to take the kids to Lake Michigan. There are also many parks, festivals and fairs to enjoy during the summer months.

Unfortunately for some people out enjoying the natural wonders of Michigan, there are plenty of dog owners in the region who don’t properly restrain and train their pets. Those who take their kids to the park during the summer months or who head to the beach might potentially have an unpleasant encounter with an aggressive dog when they are there.

What happens after a dog bite attack in a public place this summer in Michigan?

Animal owners are largely liable for the actions of their pets

Michigan law requires that pet owners register their animals. Dog owners need to immunize their animals and also need to keep them on a leash if they bring them into public spaces. Most Michigan parks and beaches have very clear signage explaining the rules for dogs.

In most places, it is a violation to let the dog off of a leash unless it is a fenced dog park. Despite those rules, a lot of people think that their dog is the exception to the rule and will let it run loose. If an animal attacks and injures a person in a public place like a beach, the individual affected is often in a strong position to hold the animal’s owner accountable. Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance carried by the dog’s owner can reimburse someone for property damage and injury-related expenses. Often, getting an appropriate amount of compensation after a dog bite incident will involve filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Unless the animal’s owner can show that someone antagonized the dog or broke the law immediately before the incident occurred, a person injured by a dog will typically have the right to ask the animal’s owner for compensation. Knowing one’s rights after a dog bite attack can help those negatively affected by the irresponsible choices of dog owners.