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2022 is here. Time to get started on estate planning

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Estate Planning

Depending on when you read this, the year 2022 is just days away, or it has already begun. New Year’s resolutions are a popular tradition because the start of a new year feels like the perfect time to make changes in your life or tackle an important project that you have been putting off — like estate planning.

A lot of people living in the Grand Rapids area know they should have an estate plan in place but still have not done it. Three of the biggest reasons why are:

  • It takes too long
  • It’s too complicated
  • Thinking about mortality is scary

The good news is, an estate plan does not have to be excessively time-consuming or confusing. A will and advance directive could be all you need, at least for now. Your will explains how you want your assets distributed after you are gone and who will serve as the personal representative of your estate. An advance directive sets out the extent of care you would want if you become incapacitated and cannot speak for yourself during a medical emergency. And help from an estate planning attorney can make drafting accurate, legally enforceable estate planning documents reasonably fast and simple.

Give yourself some peace of mind

As far as the third sticking point, keep in mind that estate planning will not shorten your life. Nobody lives forever, but those who plan for the inevitable have the peace of mind knowing their loved ones will be taken care of and that you have set out exactly the level of life-extending intervention you would want.