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How do you plan to handle your divorce at work?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Divorce

With your ongoing divorce, you have several tasks to juggle in various facets of your life. How may your divorce impact your professional life? 

See what Fast Company advises for dealing with divorce at work. You do not have to add to the office rumor mill, but share the news with specific individuals. 

Let your supervisor know 

You should let your supervisor or boss know about your marital split. Chances are, you must attend court dates and meetings with your legal advocate, which means you may have to take time off work. If you feel that you may not work at your usual performance level, share this with your boss. 

Meet with HR 

Just as you did when you first landed a position with your company, sit down with an HR representative during your divorce to fill out paperwork. You may need to remove your current spouse from your insurance policy or retirement or pension plan. Now is also the time to figure out your income taxes now that you are single. Return all documents as soon as possible to protect your income and benefits. 

Safeguard your mental health  

You may spend a lot of time at work, making it feel like a second home. If this is the case, take measures to protect your mental health in the workplace. You may have to take a few personal days when the emotional impact of divorce hits and leaves you unable to function. On the other hand, you may want to change where and how you take breaks to get some fresh air and exercise to cope with the stress of divorce. 

Do not leave your employer in the dark regarding your divorce. Knowing what steps to take at the office could protect your career during this trying time.