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Why should you consider divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Mediated Divorce

For Michigan couples, divorce is one of the most life-changing and difficult events. Often, a divorce may drag you through the court system and it can be a messy split. You do not have to follow the traditional path, however. There are couples who choose to seek mediation as a route to conflict resolution, according to FindLaw. 

Mediation involves a neutral third party who can resolve the dispute through voluntary agreements. The mediator helps facilitate conversations and can focus on both parties’ interests. The goal of divorce mediation is to find solutions to problems and allow you and your former spouse to come to an agreement. 

Divorce mediation can be beneficial to couples in a number of different ways. On one hand, it avoids the cost and delays that you may face with the litigation system. You do not always have to handle disputes within the court system. When you have a mediator, you may have stronger communication with your former partner. This can lead to feelings of closure, reconciliation and the settlements may be easier for both parties to live with. 

When you drag your divorce through the court system, you are more likely to suffer a financial burden, not to mention an emotional burden. In mediation, it is a fast process and more cost-effective. Mediation helps lower the level of conflict between couples. This can benefit children who otherwise may have to watch their parents fight throughout the divorce process. In the end, both spouses are more likely to feel satisfied with the decisions. 

The above information is to educate on mediation. It is not legal advice.