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Estate considerations following a divorce

One's divorce in Michigan should certainly force them to review a number of different aspects of their life. Yet in all of the emotion that accompanies the dissolution of a marriage, one's estate plans may be the furthest thing from their minds. That is if one has any...

5 essential elements of an estate plan

Estate planning looks different for each individual and may be straightforward or sophisticated, depending on the size of your estate and the complexity of your final wishes.  In the absence of an estate plan, your family may become responsible for decisions they...

Can nesting help our divorcing family?

There are many reasons that a marriage might end, and not all of them end with the divorced couple hating each other. In fact, if you have children with your ex-spouse, being on good terms is beneficial for joint custody.  If you and your spouse are able to maintain a...

Who Let The Dogs Out?

It is sometimes said that dogs are a “man’s best friend”. Dogs are loyal, compassionate, and provide unconditional love. And puppies are, well, puppies. It all seems great on paper. But even the most well-trained dogs can be unpredictable. Unsuspecting people –...